ALDI Gingerbread Man…Persons.

4 12 2011

This morning I went to ALDI supermarket for the monthly shop, and one of the things I found was a pre-made Gingerbread Man in a packet with the decorations.  I love good gingerbread and I have made it a tradition for the last few years to get some for Christmas.

The last two years I made it, but it is a lot of stuffing around for someone who doesn’t cook much and the chance to buy a pre-made one was too good to pass up.

It came in a box about fifteen inches long and cost around ten bucks.   Yes, it was a bit expensive, but it’s Christmas.   I thought the actual gingerbread man would be one of those small ones you see in supermarkets on occasion, but it wasn’t.  It turned out to be a good eight or nine inches long.   Plus, there’s two in the box.   Worth it!  Also in the box are a piping bag filled with icing, sprinkles and M&M’s for buttons or eyes.  You get plenty of each.

Gingerbread Box

ALDI Gingerbread Man

I haven’t eaten it yet, so I’m not sure on the strength of the ginger and the density of the biscuit, but I’ll let you know when I’ve eaten him.





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