Sticky Situation

12 11 2011

Early this morning I had to go and run some errands, and so I came out to the car and opened the gates, and when I unlocked the door, I noticed a stick had fallen from a nearby tree and got stuck between the front wheel and wheel arch of the car. That’s not unusual because it’s been pretty windy here lately.

So, I picked it off and almost let loose a torrent of unspeakables from my rear side as it clutched onto my finger.

I am pretty sure I didn’t scream and flail about like a little girl, but as there were no witnesses and I wasn’t paying that much attention, anything is possible.

Flinging the stick insect away, I slowly composed myself and checked to see my heart was still in it’s correct place.

Returning to my normal state of composure, I went to investigate the stick as he no doubt tried to settle himself down as well.

This was him.

Frightening Stick - Click Pic to Enlarge




One response

12 11 2011

yep I would have screamed like a girl

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