Returning to the old Google Images

28 12 2010

If you’re like me and loathe the way that Google has changed it’s image search, this post is for you. Unfortunately you need to be using Mozilla Firefox in order for this to work. There may be ways with other browsers, but I don’t use them and so I wouldn’t know.

Google’s image search used to bring up a bunch of tiles when you search, saying the web site and sizes of the images. They would display maybe twenty at a time, with a 1 – 2 – 3 – NEXT page listing at the bottom. Sure, you had to click through a few pages to find the perfect image, but it was uncluttered and loaded quickly. A few months ago they changed the system to display many more images, and to see more, you’d just scroll down. While that may sound easier, it was crowded and made the images more difficult to see. What’s more, is if you’d click in the search form again but move your mouse away after clicking, it wouldn’t let you type in the search box again.

I searched around the net to find a way to return to the old search, and there were only a few solutions. You could type into the URL and add “&sout=1” but you had to do that for every search. You could also scroll to the bottom and there was a link to return to the old search, but again that worked for just the first search.

Eventually I found a tech blog called and it had my preferred solution. I’ve put it here for you. a-shout contains other solutions if this one isn’t for you.

  • Install Redirector Add-on for Firefox browser
  • After installing it, we need to add a small redirect in Redirector add-on. For that open that Add-on and click Option button
  • Now click Add button which is available below of this add-on
  • You will see new window, in that enter the detail as given below
  • In Include pattern enter http*://*/images?*

    In Exclude Pattern enter http*://*/images?*sout=1*

    In Redirect to enter http$1://$2/images?$3&sout=1

    and select Wildcard option and click OK

  • Now go and search in New Google Image search, it will automatically show result in Old Google Image Search Layout.
  • Thanks to the developers of the Redirector add-on and to a-shout for the tips.




    One response

    14 02 2011

    Thank you so much. I am big into multimedia and google was one of my biggest resources then when they changed their format in the image search i died… You have given me new life ahaha But seriosuly thanks a lot.


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