Bumfree the Dove

5 11 2010

Since my dad died, every afternoon I feed & water his Cockatiels that he kept at the back of the house.  It basically involves changing the seed and water, then covering the cage before it gets dark so they get a good night’s sleep.   The dumped seed attracts other birds, mostly Spotted Turtle Doves, which come down and peck around at the left overs.

I don’t know much about birds, but they must be territorial because I am starting to recognise a few of the frequent visitors.  My old man used to talk about ‘Chook’ who is extremely tame for a dove.  They’re usually very timid and flee at the first sign of trouble.  Chook will still fly if you get too close, but the approach distance is much closer.  Most of the birds look the same (at least to my untrained eye) but Chook is easily recognised by a bit of a droopy feather under her wing.

My favourite bird is a new addition to the crowd.  Well, maybe he isn’t but he looks different now.  He’s missing his whole tail section, probably from a cat attack.  I hate fucking cats.  I also hate cat owners who let their cats roam free.

Anyway, the new bird is missing his tail section as I said, so I’ve named him Bumfree.  You pronounce it like Humphrey.  He’s awesome.   Because he’s got no bum, he makes a really weird sound when he flies.  I’m glad he’s still airborne because it’d kill me if he got killed by a damned cat.

I always make sure Bumfree gets a little bit more seed.








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