LEGO™ Stig Key Chain

1 11 2010

A few months back I told you about my sudden urge to make a Lego™ Stig (from Top Gear) among other characters. The urge recently struck again and so I decided to get some more Stig Parts from Bricklink. I put together a couple of other characters as well, but haven’t had a chance to get any decent pictures of them yet. More on that later.

Stig Key Chain is made from the following parts-

You could get the pants and helmet separately but it’s cheaper to get the guy in the jacket.

I used my Dremel to drill a couple of holes in the helmet, then attached a key chain from a $2 shop. I also glued it all together so it didn’t come apart in my pocket.

Oh, and unlike Ben Collins, MY Stig doesn’t take his helmet off. Ever.

Stig™ Key Chain




2 responses

16 04 2011
ابو زب مايل


14 06 2011
Kama Jay

can I buy one off of you?

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