Cobb’s Inception Totem

19 09 2010

Another new prop I’ve picked up is the spinning top from the movie Inception.  The film, which revolves around a group of people being able to enter dreams to plant ideas, stars Leonardo DeCaprio as Cobb and Ellen Page as Ariadne.  It’s directed by Christopher Nolan who also directed the recent Batman movies.

The top is used by Cobb as a ‘totem’ or anchor to the real world.  Cobb spins the top and if it falls, he knows he’s in the real world, yet in the dream world it keeps spinning forever.

Other characters also use totems ranging from a chess bishop to a pair of dice, most of which are available on the net, but it’s all about Cobb’s top.

Small and made of aluminium, the top is around an inch across and very stable when it spins.   When the film was released there were a bunch of inferior tops released as promotional items and most were imprinted with “Inception” or “” around the top face.  The promo top is also much larger than the one in the film.

Mine was turned from aluminium and comes without the tacky logo which is a bonus.

Inception Top


Cobb with the top




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