Pirates of the Caribbean

14 09 2010

I’ve been slack on updates lately. Sorry about that.  I’ve been a little bit busy with other things since my father passed away a couple of months ago.

Anyway, here’s a few items I picked up for a great price.  I’d been after these for a while, but they’ve been really hard to track down at a price I was willing to pay.  Then suddenly they came up one day as a group, so I jumped at the chance to add them to my collection.

The three items are from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightly and the elf from Lord of the Rings.  While they aren’t my favourite movies, I do like them and watch them from time to time.  My sister, however, loves Johnny Depp and so when the chance to grab some props from Pirates came up, the opportunity to gloat was too strong to resist.

The first item is the Elizabeth Swann necklace made from one of the cursed Aztec coins that are a central part of the plot of the first movie.  I was lucky enough to get a separate coin as well, which is fun to just play with.  It has a good texture and weight to it, so it’s a good one to flip and toss.  I was a little disappointed with the size of the coins when they arrived.  For some reason I thought they’d be bigger, but looking at them on-screen I guess they’re about the right size.

The second pirate object is the key to Davey Jones’ Locker, which was part of the third movie in the series.  I’d probably not have bothered with this one, personally, but it was part of the deal and so I took it.  As it turned out I got all three for the price it would have cost me to buy just the Swann necklace on its own.

All three items are from the now defunct Master Replicas company.  They turn up from time to time on Ebay, and you get usually get some decent deals at Amazon.

Swann's Necklace

Coin Close-Up

Davy Jone's Key

Screen Shot




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