3 07 2010

Finally arriving to my collection is the TARDIS key.  In particular the Pertwee/Baker key, or “Spade” key as it’s known.  As part of the purchase I picked up the other fan style key, though I’m not really too invested in that one.  There’s also another style used by the oldest and newest groups of Doctors, but it’s a regular looking regular key and not too stunning visually.

I’ve been after one of these Spade type keys for years, and when I got into the prop collecting it was one of the main items on my want list.  The trouble is that there are so many versions for sale and a lot of them are really poor quality.  If you browse through Ebay for example, you’ll find many that have very plain tops or are made from poor quality materials.

This is actually the second time I bought a key, but had some issues getting it.  I bought it from a guy in England and it was a quality piece for a very good price.   When it came in the post though, I was in for a shock.  The package was sliced open up one side with a nice clean cut, and the key was missing.   I put in a claim with the Postal Service but had pretty much written it off after I hadn’t heard anything for a few months.   Then one day they sent me a cheque out of the blue to cover the costs.  It didn’t quite cover what I spent, but it was better than nothing.

Being so disappointed in the theft of my key, I let it go for a long time until I happened across the one I bought.   The store had two versions, one in shiny metal and the other in a weathered metal.   As you can see from the picture, I went with the weathered version.  It’s got much more character.





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