Brady Bunch Tiki – NEH NE NEHHHH Pt II

29 06 2010

I recently posted an entry about the Brady Bunch Tiki, and told you about how it’s taboo, and caused Greg Brady to fall into the surf, and Alice to hurt her back and Bobby to almost get crushed by the shield.
Well, it seems my Tiki is cursed too!

The afternoon I finished it, I found a leak in my car while doing some routine maintenance.   I booked it into the mechanic, but had to wait a few days before I could get it seen to.  So, the day before I took it to the car wash so it would be nice and clean for its fix up. I park under a tree so it gets covered in leaves and bird shit and can look pretty gross.

I show up at the car wash to get it detailed, and was told they’d been robbed overnight, so I had to wait around so they could straighten a few things up. I had to go to work shortly so that delayed me quite a bit.   I got to work (which is near the car wash anyway) and discovered I’d left my phone at home.  I have never, ever left my phone at home before then.  I also use the clock on it to time my classes for work, so I was kind of in trouble.

Not only that, but I found I still had my car key on the key ring.

Students had just started turning up, so I had to hurry back to the car wash to find my car parked right in the middle of one of their entries being vacuumed because they couldn’t move it on.  “I wondered when you’d be back,” he said.

Handing over the key I hurried back to work just in time for class.

After work I was met by a guy who is doing some accreditation work for me.  He’d been calling all day to try to get a meeting together.  Of course, I’d forgotten my phone so he couldn’t get hold of me.   I agreed to meet with him now, so I got home four hours later than I planned or expected.

This morning I took the car in to get the leak seen to, and thought I had a little good luck when they told me it wasn’t the hose I as I had thought.  Instead the leak was coming from a plate at the back of the engine, and to be fixed it’ll need removed completely and re-done.  All up, $638.

When I got home, one of my taxation invoices had arrived, coming in at $650.

YOU might say that it’s just bad luck and coincidence.  I say it’s the Tiki curse.   I’ve been told I should get rid of it… but it’s just so freaking cool.




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