Brady Bunch Tiki – NEH NE NEHHHH

27 06 2010

Latest prop replica is none other than the Brady Bunch “Cursed Tiki” from the three episode arc where the family visited Hawaii.

While away on vacation, the Brady boys were exploring a construction site when Bobby found a small carved statue, or tiki, half buried in the dirt.  He cleaned it up and wore it on a leather necklace as a good luck charm.  Little did he know that from that moment, the bearer of the Tiki was cursed!

That night, while sitting on the bed, Bobby was almost crushed by a heavy falling shield.  Later, Peter was attacked by a giant deadly tarantula.   Later, Alice hurt her back and Greg was almost drowned while surfing!

Hilariously, every time someone was hit with the bad luck effect, the camera would zoom into the Tiki and a particular sound would play.  “NEH NE NEHHH!”

My replica is a really nice resin cast, which I painted with a black undercoat.  Over time I dry brushed it with a light ivory colour to build up the detail.  I gave it a few brown washes along the way to simulate dirt in the grooves after it had been buried.  Once it was done I attached a leather cord so it could be worn.

Also, the TV show Scrubs had an episode called “My Soul On Fire”  where two of the cast got Tikis and wore them throughout.   The Tiki on that episode is not the same as the proper Brady Tiki featured in that series.  Sorry Scrubs Fans.

Click the links in the text for the Scrubs Tiki and part of the Brady Bunch episodes.  You can watch the full episodes on Youtube if you like.

The day I finished my Tiki I found my car has a leak in the radiator.  NEH NE NEHHH!

Construction Site

Brady Tiki

Scrubs Version







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29 06 2010
Brady Bunch Tiki – NEH NE NEHHHH Pt II « with a small s

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22 01 2011
Brooke Dixon


3 12 2011

I thought it would be fun to try to carve one of these tikis and would love to see a picture of the BACK of one of them. I’ve not seen a picture of the back of the tiki. If you have any pictures of the back or know any links that show the back could you please pass one on?

Thank you.

3 12 2011

It’s just flat, so it sits against the chest. There’s no carving on the back.

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