26 06 2010

While I don’t think Picard is better than Kirk, I do much prefer Star Trek : The Next Generation to the original series.  As a sci-fi nerd and now a prop collector, I jumped at the chance to pick up one of the stranger Trek props to come onto the market.

By the third season of The Next Generation (TNG), old Captain Picard was getting a little frazzled, having zipped around the universe saving humanity time and again.  In the episode “Captain’s Holiday”, Commander Riker suggested Picard visit the resort planet called Risa.   Risa is basically a paradise world, full of sexy women and the perfect climate for some R&R.  Secretly poking a little fun at his Captain, Riker asked Picard to pick him up a souvenir while he was away.

Little did Picard know that the item Riker requested was a Risan fertility idol, known as a Horga’hn, displayed by people requesting jamaharon, a sexual act performed by the beautiful Risans.

Later, in the follow-up series Deep Space Nine, some of the members of that show also visit Risa and again the Horga’hn featured in the episode. It showed up in various other TNG episodes and also in the Enterprise series at the end of Star Trek’s run.

My Horga’hn arrived unpainted, made from resin and I spent quite a while preparing it and painting it up as best I could. As a finishing touch I added some gold around the top of the head as displayed on Picard’s version of the idol. In the pictures below it shows up a little more red than in person, and the details aren’t as strong.

Picard on Risa, with large Horga'hn

Picard's Horga'hn

Quark on Risa from DS9

Resin Cast

My Finished Horga'hn

Large Statue




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