Medal of Yavin

15 06 2010

Over the years, I’ve blown up the Death Star countless times.  I figured it was time I got some kind of reward for saving the Rebel Base from the evil Galactic Empire.  When the opportunity came around to pick up a shiny Medal of Yavin, I jumped at it.   The Medal of Yavin was presented to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in a ceremony at the end of the first Star Wars movie.  I’m kind of bummed Chewbacca didn’t get one, but maybe he can pick one up the same way I did. A sales thread came up on the RPF from a guy selling two versions, shiny and matte gold. I’m not going to link to it this time because as of this posting it seems there is some doubt as to the origin of the medals.   Apparently they may be copies of a limited edition Master Replicas piece that was done a few years ago.  The guy selling them didn’t know though, so it’s all a bit weird.  Had I known it was recast, I’d have passed on it. Anyway, I have it now and I’m not sending it back.

It’s really heavy, gold-plated and the material part has a really nice texture to it.  Currently it’s wrapped in tissue paper until I can figure out how I want to display it.  I might try to make a little stand for it, like a photo frame.   Here’s the medal-


...of Yavin

Award Ceremony




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