Indiana Jones Bag

14 06 2010

I recently added another piece to my Indiana Jones prop collection as part of a trade.  It’s a replica Mark VII gas mask bag from WWII, other wise known as Indiana Jones’ bag.  Or, if you want to be facetious (and I know you do), his murse.  Mine is one of the better made replicas from Indy Magnoli, a well-known Indiana Jones replica maker with some excellent crafting skills.  The strap is from Risu, a member of the RPF.

If you’ve ever seen an Indiana Jones film, you’ll know about the bag.  It’s part of his standard adventuring gear, same as his hat, gun and whip.  It featured prominently in two parts of the series, once in Temple of Doom on the fight over the river where it held the sacred Sankara Stones and once when it got caught on the side of a tank in the Last Crusade.   Strangely the bag shown in the Temple of Doom fight is a totally different bag, modified to fit pyrotechnics so that it could be burned up as part of the story of the stones.  You can read more about the different bags at the website, if you’re interested, as well as a ton of information on other Indiana Jones props.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Replica Bag


Strap Detail




6 responses

2 02 2012

Where can get it?

12 04 2012

You can get them at Magnoli. THey’re cool. Kinda small though. I wish they were just a BIT bigger, like maybe two inches.

5 08 2012

It seems a lot of people wish they were just a bit bigger. I remember thinking, “maybe two inches” myself. Someone should make one two or three inches bigger you could, I don’t know, put a spare shirt, socks and undies in without feeling like you’ve outdone yourself.

24 09 2012

The new-and-improved Magnoli satchel can be purchased here:

11 10 2012

Yeah, some one needs to make one just a little bigger. I use a WWII mussette bag and it is awesome, except for the straps complicated. I would replace it but…. these things are, however durable, antiques now and I hat cutting up history.

13 07 2016


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