12 04 2010

Not sure if you watch NCIS, but if you do you’ll be very familiar with the rather unusual forensic specialist Abby Sciuto.  Abby has a strong personality, dresses in a Gothic style and Pauley Perrette plays her well.   A month or so past, 8 perf from the RPF came up with the idea of a label for a cup of Caf-Pow, the fake energy drink often seen in the show.   After some combination of label printing and cup gathering, I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of labels. Sticking them onto the cups provided by another RPF member; Rebelscum, and some careful positioning allowed me to have a pair of these 64oz. beauties in my collection.

Check back in a few weeks and you’ll see a partner of the Caf-Pow cup, Abby’s plush hippo side-kick, Bert the farting hippo.



Abby Sciuto




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18 06 2010

That’s fantastic! I’ve been trying to re-create the Caf-Pow labels froms creencaps for ages (

I’m currently looking for the full label so I can make a 1:6 scale Caf-Pow cup for a custom Abby doll I’m working on (

Do you have vector art of the label available anywhere? Would you be willing to share it?

18 06 2010

I didn’t make the labels myself. You need to go to the replica prop forum:

The guy’s name you need is 8 perf. You’ll need to be quick though, I am not sure if he has any left.

19 06 2010

I’m not looking for a full-sized printout. Just vector art so I can print out a 1:6 scale version for a doll.

20 06 2010

I don’t have any art, I bought them printed. Best I can do would be to take some more pics, if you like.

28 07 2011
Johnny b

Where did you buy the labels?

22 08 2012

Do you sell these?

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