Space Marine Bolter – Pt2

11 04 2010

Got up early this morning and went to Officeworks to buy the gear to make most of my Bolt Gun. The shell is foam core, a double sheet of plastic with a layer of Styrofoam pressed in between. It’s strong, but easy to shape. They had single sheets for $9.50, but I find on a high shelf a couple of 5 packs. I had the guy check the price and they were $9.50. Naturally I bought the 5 pack. I’m not sure what was going on with that, but I got a good deal.

I headed into work and started planning and cutting, eventually turning out the main components. Some of the cuts are a bit unsteady, but its my first time working with the foam core, and this type of thing in general. I dare say I’ll have a lot of patching up to do, but the main body is looking OK. I have no idea when I will get to do some more work on it. Maybe a couple of nights at work. I can’t do it at home, I just don’t have the necessary table space. Anyway, here’s the story so far:

Stage Two




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