Iphone 3d Mini Golf Challenge- Conquered!

3 04 2010

Buying an iPhone is all about the apps.  One of the games I tried was called 3d Mini Golf Challenge by Digital Chocolate Inc.   You play either a girl or guy, which you pick at the start of the game, and play through four Mini-Golf theme parks.  Starting out with “Excalibur”, a park with a Medieval style, you play through various challenges in your quest for glory.  The challenges include a timed game, in which you have 20-or-so second time limit to complete the course and a “Par Challenge” in which you need to score under the Par ranking for a series of holes. Other courses are Transylvania, Pirate’s Cove and Supernova.

As with all iPhone  apps, I tried the free version first, which is just the first “Excalibur” course.  After a while I beat it, and needed to play the rest of the courses.  I decided it was worth the money so I bought it for $1.99.

Once you complete all the challenges, there’s a Master level and an Expert level, with the same types of courses and game styles, but let me tell you, it’s so frustrating.  As well as the timed games and par challenges you have a “versus” match against the computer.  In the early challenges you can beat him pretty easily, but later levels are killer.  The computer just doesn’t make a mistake.  Ever.  Each shot is dead on target, and you need to play even better than the computer.

It’s really hard.  Really, really hard.

A little more on the level design;    Each level is made up of a series of holes, usually 4 and sometimes up to 7.   Say you’re playing a Par Challenge, where you have to score under Par to advance.   As well as having to score at least 4 under par to ‘unlock’ further levels, the courses are riddled with traps.  In some levels you have fire pits, ramps and dropping gates.  You also have fans which will blow your ball off the course.   Here’s the killer;  If you mess up one of the 7 holes, there’s no way your score is going to be good enough to advance, and so you have to start the whole  match again from the start.

To scare you further; You’re playing a hole-in-one challenge where you have to score 5 or 6 holes-in-one in a row.  If you miss one shot, you have to start again.

Needless to say it took me a long time and much frustration.  It took many restarts… But I did it.  I completed the whole damn thing last night.  The sense of accomplishment is quite grand.





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