Game Mods – New Section

3 04 2010

I’ve added a new section to this WordPress Blog, called Game Mods.  It’s going to contain the majority of my mods from my old days of playing Elder Scrolls IV™ and Fallout 3™, as well as any other games I happen to come up with along the way.   Most of these are scavenged from my backups and may not have read-me files.  I don’t think they have any missing files, but I can’t be certain. I’m reasonably sure they don’t, but the disclaimer is there.

In other life I was fairly involved with making modifications and add-ons for TES Oblivion™, but grew tired of the constant whining of members of the community over what are essentially free toys for them to use.  Not all people sided with the negative, and a lot of people were great and very supportive.  For me, the final straw and the reason I removed myself from the Oblivion scene was the stupidity and malevolence of the Bethesda forum moderators and one in particular who seemed to have issues with my work.  I could explain further, but those people aren’t worth the time.

I ask that you don’t redistribute my mods on other forums or sites, and that you respect my wishes not to be contacted about them.   They are in my past and I have no desire to work on them again.

JQ - Assassin Quest




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