Dexter’s Blood Slide Box

26 03 2010

Since it first started, I’ve loved the show, Dexter.  The award-winning series about a serial killer played by Michael C. Hall has been running for four seasons, with season five on the way.  From a prop collecting point of view, the prize from the show has got to be Dexter’s slide case, which contains a drop of blood from each of his unfortunate victims.   The case is about 30cm long and 10cm wide, made of a nice varnished wood.  Inside the case is a series of slots to hold about 50 glass slides.

On the RPF, a chap named GeneralFROSTY had commissioned his father to make a run of the slide boxes.  Although expensive, the quality is great and they were produced and shipped really fast.  For a while there was a bit of a war going on between a few parties interested in making the ‘definitive case’ but two of them seem to have withdrawn the offer.  I’m sure they would have all made excellent replicas, but the GeneralFROSTY is the one that was produced, and so I put my name down as a buyer.

Annoyingly, it didn’t arrive in perfect condition, having traversed the globe via the United States Postal Service.  Although well packed and clearly marked fragile, when I lifted the slide case out of the box, I heard the unpleasant sound of sliding glass.   When I carefully unlatched the lid, I was greeted with a fine spray of powdered glass fragments.   Luckily it was only about 10 of the 40 or so slides inside, and it wasn’t too hard to clean up.  The box itself was damaged also, with one of the nubs on the grooves snapped off.   It’s hard to explain, but there’s a picture below.   I managed to glue it back in place without much trouble.  You’d not notice it unless you knew what to look for.

When I get time, I need to add blood to the slides.  Although I could have had the makers do that, I chose to purchase clean slides because of the distance the box had to travel.  I’m sure customs wouldn’t be too thrilled to open it up and find a bunch of bloody slides all lined up in a row.   Hopefully the blood will be fairly simple to do, once I figure out a nice and stable way to do it.

The box looks magnificent up close.   It almost makes me want to go out and bump someone off to put in it.  Hi FBI flag. Just kidding.

Original Prop

Slide Box








4 responses

26 03 2010

just awesome!

27 08 2010

where can i purchase one of the dexter slide boxes?

27 08 2010
27 04 2013

how do i order with clean slides

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