Warhammer 40K Fallout Mod

15 03 2010

I’ve finally released the Warhammer 40K mods for Fallout 3. It took a while because, as I expected, I got burned out on it for a while. It’s just so tedious going into the game, checking it out, leaving the game, changing something and going back in. To make a mod like this, I have to use five or six programs in conjunction, so switching between them can be a pain and is a little draining. Also, I was getting a lot of private messages asking me to ‘just release what I have’. I don’t like to do things half-arsed, so that’s out of the question. When I release mods, they are complete, final and done. Unless there’s a glaring error I don’t go back and revise them again. By the time it’s final, I’m usually pretty bored of the whole thing. I’ve also had experiences before with people stealing my models and including them in their own releases without permission. It really turns you off the whole process.

Anyway, enough bitching. Here’s the final release. It includes various remodeling and re-textures of the Bolt Guns, Bolt Pistols and Plasma weapons and all-new models for Missile Launchers and the much asked-for Heavy Bolter. My favourite weapons are the custom gold versions of each weapon, each with their own name and enhanced powers. I enjoyed getting the Heavy Bolter up and running because that took forever to get right. It was so hard to make. Anyway, you can download the mod from Fallout Nexus. If you grab it, leave a comment and let me know you saw it at WordPress.

Heavy Bolter

Custom Heavy Bolter




2 responses

17 03 2010
BinBall MagEEEEEEeee

It’s me again… let me just genuflect a few dozen times and i’ll post my comment….
….. ….. ….. Okay #1 The Heavy bolters Freaking great job! i’ll be tweeking it for personal use (no reuploading of course.) Lets face it we all have our own idea of what it’s RPM/sound should be but that’s easy to tweek by each person and not worth getting into.

The Models are fantastic! i mean the warp teams is looking great to, if not a bit… well lets say i like the ammo feed belt… i can’t have a heavy bolter without it!! So props to you buddy.

#2 The cyclone rack is great but i was hoping you could make a backpack out of it’s model.. some of us love how it looks and don’t want to lose that look while holding a assault cannon ^^ (at least not me)… it’s a request i know but i had to make it.. i hope to see it done but i will live without it… i guess…..

#3 That fantastic Axe!!! OMG I am butchering so many things it’s not funny… i have no complaints….

#4 all the models are much better, new colors, better meshes just great.

#5 Just great job.. and i hope to see more out of you some day!

20 03 2010
BinBall MagEEEEEEeee

I just noticed that if I zoom in I can read the blessings on the seals, now that’s cool.

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