Super Cheap Prop – Resident Evil T-Virus

15 03 2010

This prop thing is kind of addictive.  I have wanted a decent looking version of the T-Virus from Resident Evil.  I’m not an expert on Resident Evil, so maybe my details aren’t all spot on, but basically the T-Virus is what causes all the people to turn into Zombies and the other creatures that try to eat you in the games and movies.   The ‘proper’ T-Virus canister is more advanced that mine.  It’s got these cool double helix tubes running through the middle of the larger tube.  I thought about doing those by heating some twisty straws but couldn’t find any clear versions.

While browsing through my local thrift store (which is now gone…) I scrounged the few parts I’d need to make my Virus canister.

For the end caps, I found a pack of two “metal containers” which had magnetic stuff on the ends.  What they were supposed to contain is anyone’s guess.  After stripping the magnetic parts off, they were fine.  For the main tube I used a bird feeder, which fit nicely into the containers.  I had to Dremel off the bottom part, but it came out nicely.   The inside tube was the hardest choice.  Given the chance I’d do the twisty tube, but I just couldn’t find anything appropriate and cheap enough.  Sure, I could get them made or something but I’m not THAT serious about it.

Then, while wandering the aisles I came across a pack of 4 inch glow sticks, like they use for raves.  They happened to fit perfectly inside my bird-feeder tube and what’s more, they give an eerie glow that was perfect for my budget T-Virus.   Sure, they only glow for a day or so but they’re so cheap and easy to swap out I can just keep a few packs around to load up when I feel the need to infect some zombies.

All up, it cost around $10.   I could buy a case of these for a bunch of money, and while they are totally excellent, it’s out of my price range.  You can buy me a set if you want.

Here’s some bad pictures of my T-Virus.  I really do need a decent camera.


As a side note, I was watching the Rambo movies recently and I think the funniest part of the series was the section involving Rambo’s glow stick. Click the Rambo pic to check it out at You-Tube.




One response

5 04 2010

Now if only i have a real vile of some good old T juice..
Then my dreams of a zombie filled christmas would come true.

Alas that shall not happen…

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