Finished Dexter ID

4 02 2010

Finally, the postman delivered my ID holder, so I could finish up my Dexter badge I told you about earlier.  I bought it from Ebay, from a guy called “Mr Savings.”  If you want your own, you can click on his page to get one.   If you want to use the Dexter ID from below, you’ll have to mess with the printing size a little to get it looking exactly right.  Measure first, print once!

Anyway, I’m really happy with how it turned out.  Below is a picture of Dexter wearing his ID, and mine is on the right.  The pic isn’t exactly the same, but I don’t have access to a Michael C. Hall to take pictures of.  I think it’s pretty close though.

Dexter Morgan

ID Badge

Here is a printable Dexter ID card.




6 responses

27 10 2010
Will Bowling

Hey! I love your badge you made! I need the Dexter Morgan ID Badge for my Halloween costume. Would you happen to have a high res image of his badge?? That would totally rock! thanks!

Will B.

27 10 2010
Will Bowling

preferably one i can print out and laminate. 😀 Cheerz!

27 10 2010

Here you go.

4 03 2011

Thanks man. Brilliant.

8 10 2011
Admirer of your work

Cheers absolutely love it…. LEGEND!

12 10 2011

Nice, I need Dexter ID for my Halloween costume. I’m a bit disappointed, I was going to make it myself but now I don’t see the point.

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