Get Out Of Hell

30 01 2010

Yet another show that died before it’s time was ‘Reaper’.  It was about a young guy who finds out that when he was a kid his parents sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for some favours.  Come his 21st birthday, Sam (Bret Harrison) finds out that the Devil has come to collect, and he makes Sam his bounty hunter.  Each episode follows Sam’s adventures as he and his friends hunt down souls escaped from Hell.  It’s actually a comedy and it was a pretty good one.  Sadly it was dropped by the network after only a couple of seasons.

In one of the early episodes, the Devil (Ray Wise) gives Sam a “Get out of Hell Free” pass, which he can use at any time in the future to escape his fate.

Since it plays a pretty big part in a couple of the episodes, and it just looks cool, I figured I’d have a go at making it.  Print it at standard business card size, and on red card for the best effect.

TV Screenshot 1

TV Screenshot 2

My Version (enlarge)




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