Because I’ve Got A Golden Ticket

24 01 2010

As you know, paper props have been my main interest lately, and I made up another one recently.  You may remember the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, or the terrible remake with Johnny Depp, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” a few years ago.   If not, it was about a crazy confectioner named Willy Wonka, who held a competition for the people of the world to visit his super-secretive factory so that the best of the applicants could take over when he passes away.  To find worth candidates, he releases five golden tickets in his chocolate bars and whoever finds them gets to tour the factory.  The children are all terrible, hideous people with the exception of Charlie, a kind-hearted boy from the poorer side of town.

I’ve always liked the first one and so I hunted around for some source images and gradually put together a decent copy of the ticket that I could print at a nice resolution.  While I’m 100% happy with the ticket itself, I’m not so happy with the printed version.   In the film, the ticket looks to be some sort of gold foil, with the words stamped on.  Because I’m limited to my inkjet printer, printing on foil isn’t an option.  I tried, and it was a disaster.  The ink won’t stick, and that which does stay on the foil fades away to nothing in a few hours.  So, heading off to Officeworks I bought some gold printer paper and tried again.  It’s good for what it is, but it’s not the gold foil I wanted.  Maybe at some point I’ll find a place that can do foil stamping and try again.  The ticket looks good, but only if you don’t really compare it to the screen-used one too closely.

Sorry about the horrible picture, it doesn’t photograph well.

Golden Ticket




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18 03 2011

Very good. And resourceful.

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