Paper Props

20 01 2010

Paper props are items such as business cards, letters, maps and so forth seen on tv shows or movies.  There are so many paper props out there that it’s kind of like a prop collector’s sub culture.  Take for example, the Back to the Future movies.  In that, you have several paper props that play key roles in the film.  For example-

  • The photo of Marty’s family that disappears over time
  • The flyer for the clock tower that Jennifer writes her number on for Marty
  • The photo of Doc back in the Wild West
  • The Letter Marty gives Doc telling him he’s going to be shot
  • The Sports Almanac

…Ok you get the point.  That’s just from one movie.  Most movies have at least some kind of paper prop.  These are my new passion.  You’ve already seen my maps in earlier posts and I’ve talked about pepakura models previously as well.  I’ll show you some of those in my next entry.   For now, I’ll post up two paper props I made myself just yesterday.  Feel free to print them as you like. Just don’t post them on Ebay or something. Keep them free.

First up, Santa’s business card as seen in the Tim Allan Christmas movie, The Santa Clause. It has the tiny print around the border that is the actual ‘clause’.  Print it double-sided on card stock so you have the “ask the reindeer” text on the back!

The Santa Clause



Second up is Dexter’s ID card from the magnificent Dexter series.

Dexter & Doakes

ID Card

For best effect it should be placed in one of those leather police neck chains they wear in the show.  You can get a close match here if you like.




7 responses

20 01 2010

that is awesome!

20 01 2010

ahh you’re so cool!

20 01 2010

thanks kidz

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18 03 2011

This is neat. I have a friend who’s really into 24 and I printed a visitor’s badge, access card and even a CTU themed water bottle label out for them, all done in Paint. Great blog!

24 05 2017

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