Computer, Idol Map & Tolkien Hobbit Map

16 01 2010

Finally, I’ve got the new computer and can get on with finishing some of my projects.  The computer arrived in two huge boxes, and actually didn’t take  very long to set up.  Windows was already installed so I simply had to register it and begin the tedious process of installing all of my own programs, games and so forth.  It took a while because I like things set up in a particular way, and I tend to save a lot of things both on the desktop and in the Documents folder.  Both of those live on the C: drive, but because I bought an SSD (Solid State Drive) for the main disk, I was worrried I’d fill it up pretty quickly.

To that end, I moved my Documents and Desktop locations to one of the three 1TB drives I have inside.  Only the core OS will stay on the SSD to keep it as tidy as possible.  After that I installed a few games and my essential programs and began to tinker with everything else.

A great choice I made when I bought the PC was to pick up a Vantec SATA/IDE to USB adapter.  This little gizmo plugs into a hard disk and allows you to plug it into a USB port.  I used it to copy all my old hard disk files to the new 1TB disks so I’d have some access to my old files.  It’s only USB2.0 so the transfer takes a while, but it’s so handy to be able to do that without having to install them inside the case.

Vantec Adapter

Vantec USB Adapter

I’m also really impressed with the case.  The amount of airflow is ridiculous.  It’s got all the cable tied up against the back wall and if you look in the front vent you can see right through the computer out the back vents.  It stays so cool too. I’m really happy with it.  The one annoying thing is the amount of lights.  They don’t need all those damned lights.

Epson is my printer manufacturer of choice, and I bought an x710W photo printer.  It was pretty cheap considering all the different stuff it can do. It’s also getting really hard to find a printer than prints on CD/DVD. I’m really happy with it.

Having the printer set up allowed me to finally frame up the maps I’ve talked about in earlier entries.  The frames only cost me $19 each but they’re really big and decent quality.  I picked up some coloured and black card from the newsagent for a backing and printed out labels to describe each map.  I still need to work out what I’m going to do with the huge Middle Earth map but I’m happy with the results of the other two.

Finally there’s the pepakura or papercraft models.  I’ve only done a K-9 model from Dr Who and it turned out ok. I’m not 100% happy with it though so I’m not posting it here.  I’m not really happy with my folding ability yet.  That sounds kind of stupid, but getting crisp lines and neat edges so you can’t tell it’s paper is really hard.  More practice I suppose.  Cutting out the shapes is tedious so I tend to work slowly.  Impatience is usually how I mess things up so I must force myself to go slowly.

See you next time.

Raiders Temple Map

Thror's Map




2 responses

20 01 2010

im jealous of your technologyknowledgy. where’d you find your frames? id like to get some large photos printed and framed for my bro but all the frames i find are either crappy or expensive.

20 01 2010

Got ’em at one of those Cheap-As-Shit $2 shops. You have to go through and pick the unmarked ones though. The maps are A3 so the frames are kind of big. Only cost $19. The frame shop started at like $120 or some shit.

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