N.Y.E. & Dr WTF

2 01 2010


Another year has come and gone, a pretty average one I suppose. I spent N.Y.E. the same as I’ve done for the last few years and caught up with my friend, Nathan. We usually meet up at around 6pm and head to Hogwart’s cafe (ok it’s Hog’s Breath, but who calls it that?) until around 7pm when we catch a movie. This year it was the new Sherlock Holmes film with Robert Downey Jr in the lead. Nathan and I were debating between that or Avatar, but Nathan opted for Holmes. I didn’t really mind, although I was leaning toward the other.

I’m kind of glad we chose Holmes because it was excellent. Both Downey Jr and Jude Law were great. The story was based around the dark magic practiced by one of the ruling class, and his plot to take over parliament and kill off the House of Lords using his powers. Holmes isn’t like he’s been portrayed in the past. He’s a dirty drunk who lives in his own filth and does strange experiments in his spare time. Watson (Law) is his long-suffering friend who is about to leave him behind to get married. Naturally, circumstances force them to hook up again one last time.

The acting is great, the music is great and the story isn’t bad either. In fact it’s one of the best movies of the year in my opinion.

After the movie we took a walk along around the streets and got a drink and watch the local hoons. Only one fight challenge by a drunken dwarf, which we politely declined.

Sneaking up to the top of the shopping centre, we were surprised to see we weren’t alone this year. Three other cars were on the roof, I think two were police on a break. The other group had cameras and were taking pics of the fireworks. None of them bothered us though, or took our spot or anything. It’s the first year we haven’t had the place to ourselves though. The fireworks were ok, went about 15 minutes or so. We talked for a while then wandered home at about 3am.

Another thing I want to talk about is Dr Who. I’ve been watching it since it returned with Tennant and the bloke before him, but it’s getting worse and worse. I know a lot of people really love it but I just keep asking myself why I keep watching it. The acting is just so bad. The last two episodes were the worst of the series. At one point, the Master’s plan involves changing everyone on Earth into versions of himself. During the changing process his head wobbles around a lot. And wobbles. And wobbles. I swear the whole thing goes on for what seems like 20 minutes. Then again at the end of the first part he starts laughing. Again it goes on FOREVER. It’s terrible. Tennant himself is no better.

The end of the series, The End of Time, involves yet another Doctor regeneration, and he spends the last half hour revisiting all the people he saw in the series. It’s like the end of Return of the King, where Frodo & Friends had fifty-seven different endings. By the time the credits roll, you’re just busting for a piss and wishing it all to Hell. The End of Time was the same.

The new Dr Who is like Science Fiction for people who have no brains. The plots all resolve by the Dr pulling the solution out of his arse, or by someone acting totally out of character. I don’t know who the bloke called “The Master” was supposed to be, but it sure as Hell wasn’t the same guy from the old Pertwee/Baker days. I mean sure, he’s regenerated, but still. The Master doesn’t wear a pink dress.

Perhaps it’s the duration of the episodes. Back in the day you had four one hour episodes to build the story and let things develop. The new ones are all about running and laughing like an idiot.

Now that Russell T. Davies has moved on, I can only hope the new Doctor isn’t such a flighty tool.




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