Idol Map

22 12 2009

A few posts ago I told you about the Raiders of the Lost Ark map I picked up from the net which I intended to age.  I have since done so, using the coffee and tearing methods I’ve talked about previously.

The map is from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the opening scene, where Indiana Jones travels through the jungles of Peru with his treacherous companions in search of the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol.  While the map is never seen from the front, I think I’d done some decent work with the tears so that it looks genuine enough.  The drawing of the map was done by a fellow named Pat Riley.

I’ve found the best way to tear edges, which I was having trouble with, is to do it first.  Roll the paper and press one of the top ‘tube’ ends together, then make a tear.    Repeat for the other end and then re-roll it the other way, so that the un-torn edges become the tube ends.   Tear those.    You should end up with decent edge rips on all four sides of the paper.

To darken it, and on all my map attempts I’ve wanted them really dark, use REALLY strong coffee mixture.  I think it the past I’ve been using too little or too thinned coffee, which required too many applications.  The more applications or coats, the more tearing and sticking you’re going to get and it will end up screwing up your paper.   So for heavy darkness, few coats, but really thick.

Also sun drying really helps.  Don’t bother trying it on a cool or cloudy day as the results aren’t the same.  Full sun and fast drying seems to work the best.  I guess you could oven bake it, but I’ve never bothered.   Here is the frame with the finished map, less cardboard backing and plaque.  Sorry once again for the shit pictures. I really need to do this in daylight.

Idol Map

Map to the Temple of the Chachapoyan Idol

Anyway, my Raider’s Idol map is complete and just how I want it, and I picked up a frame today that fits pretty well.   When my new printer is installed (when the new PC arrives!) I may create a little plaque to go in a corner which will explain the map’s history or something.  That isn’t written in stone yet.   I need to get some backing card for the frame. I’m thinking a really dark crimson or maybe black.   I’ll try both and see which looks the best.




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