I Really Need Some Talent

27 11 2009

While delving into the replica prop scene of late, one thing that totally astounded me was the quality and skill in one particular facet.  That is, the making of paper models.  I haven’t tried it yet because it looks so complicated that I fear I’ll just screw it up and waste my time and paper.  I doubt I’d be able to get anywhere near as clean of a fold as is required to make this stuff look as good as it deserves.  For some items,  you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the paper model and one made from a more durable material.

I found out this little gem of a craft when I was looking for information on Jack Sparrow’s compass from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  I saw a fairly plain (and in the paper model world, that’s still a billion folds) and was tempted to try and make it.  Perhaps one day.
If you’re interested, there’s a lot of downloadable content from this Disney site, and many links from that page to others, including the compass and Wall-E pictured below.

Jack Sparrow Paper Compass

Wall-E Paper Model




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