Panic Attack! (Ataque de Pánico!)

9 11 2009

Found this great You-tube video by some amateur film makers involving an attack by giant robots on the city of Montevideo.   The sky-scraper sized robots stomp into the city, and awe-struck citizens look on.  Once in the middle of the city though, the robots unleash hell with arm mounted rockets.  Overhead swarms of v-shaped ships stream across the sky, blasting the fleeing inhabitants with machine guns.

Further research informed me that Fede Alvarez, the creator and animator made this baby for a mere US$300.  Considering that piece of shit Transformers movie cost an estimated $150,000,000, I know which film maker I’d rather give my money to.  Sure, it’s only a 5 minute clip and re-uses the familiar theme from 28 Days Later, but it looks great.    Hell, at least you can see what’s going on in the clip.

Here’s the short-




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