7 11 2009

Chris' Three Olive

A week ago I bought some dip from Woolworths.  Chicken wraps are something I like making for lunch sometimes and try various sauces and things to have some varieties of flavour.  I picked up some of Chris’  Traditional Dip, of the Three Olive flavour and it is, as they say, to DIE for.  According to the container, it’s a smooth creamy blend of selected Kalamata, Green and Spanish olives.   It tastes more like dark olives to me than green, but I guess it’s all mashed together.

The colour probably will put you off at first. It’s a pale shade of purple-grey, which isn’t really that delicious looking, but get over it.  I swear, if you don’t like this stuff, your taste buds are dead.  Have a funeral for them right now.

$2.89 at Woolworths.  Your prices may vary.




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