V Version II

5 11 2009
V New Series

The cast of "V"

Warning – Contains Spoilers

The remake of V premiered recently and I’d like to talk a little about it, if I may.   The basic plot involves an alien species  approaching Earth and hovering in giant space ships over the major cities, causing some minor damage and generally hanging about being awe-inspiring.   It’s been done before in many films, including Independence Day and District 9, and the original V before that.  In fact, they make a joke about it being done a million times before in the actual show, which amused me.

The lead Visitor, or “V” as the humans call them, is Anna, played by the ex-Firefly regular Morena Baccarin.  She spends most of her time smiling pleasantly and trying to look hot and professional at the same time.  It seems to be her job to introduce the Vs to the humans and trade alien technology for water and supplies.  She assures us that she comes in peace, and they’ll leave after they restock.  The majority of the population are rather taken with the Vs, and a sort of religion forms around their arrival. Anna spends most of her time setting up interviews with a reporter of dubious morals, Scott Wolf who from odd angles looks like Michael J Fox.  It doesn’t take long for him to begin to realise there’s more to Anna may be too good to be true.

Meanwhile, FBI agent Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) aka Juliet from Lost, is tracking down terrorists and trying to keep her douche of a son out of trouble.   She and her partner, played by Alan Tudyk, also of Firefly, go undercover to find the terrorists, and end up meeting with a small human resistance group, who seem to think the V’s have less than honorable intentions.  We already knew that though, because we saw it in the 80s.

Another side plot involves Joel Gretsch as Father Jack Landry, who’s having a bit of difficulty coming to terms with how the arrival of the visitors fits with his religious teachings.  Of the major characters, he’s the most interesting to me after the pilot.  The FBI agent is ok, but her son is simply irritating.  Perhaps he’ll get eaten.

The final side story of the pilot involves Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols, about to be married when the visitors arrive.  Having some terrible secrets of his own involving the resistance, he begins to crack under the pressure.  He doesn’t really, I just wanted to use the crack joke with a guy called Chestnut.

To sum up, V was pretty good.  I was a fan of the originals back in the 80’s and hope the show does well despite my hatred of all things remake.  According to reports, they are going to have some cameos by people from the original series later in the season, including Marc Singer and Michael Ironside, which, if true, would be awesome.  I do hope it doesn’t turn out like so many shows these days, with plots within plots and so many flashbacks that you’re screwed if you miss an episode.   Mostly I hope it’s fun, and mostly I hope Baccarin noms a mouse.  It won’t be V unless she does.

Spoiler (Highlight to Read) Alan Tudyk, in another strange Firefly moment, gets skewered through the chest again.  He’s beginning to form a habit. End.




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