From A More Civilised Age

5 11 2009

RotJ 'Hero Version' Lightsabre

My lightsabre came this  morning.  I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I wanted to get a metal lightsabre since I was little.  I found a guy from Adelaide selling a decent looking one on E-Bay shortly after I wrote that blog entry and I bid on it.  It was pretty cheap considering the fact it’s made out of turned metal and its damned heavy.  It has a few minor scratches, and there’s no ‘power switch’ which is a little disappointing, but hell, it’s all mine.  To buy a ‘perfect’ lightsabre I’d have to get one from Master Replicas, or a few other companies and those cost in excess of $600, provided I could even get one in Australia.

The particular lightsabre I bought is based on Luke Skywalker’s green lightsabre from Return of the Jedi.  It’s a ‘Hero Version’ which means it’s a type used in close shots and when it needs to look pretty.  There’s another Luke RotJ lightsabre which is a stunt version, used mostly in the fight scenes on Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge at the start of the movie.  If you pause one of those scenes, and look at the lightsabre shown later, when Luke surrenders to Darth Vader, you’ll see they are totally different items.   The one Vader examines is clean and shiny, and the one in the fights has rubbed off black paint and other damage.

According to stories from those who know, the stunt saber was an old model used by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the earlier film, remodeled to become Luke’s weapon.

Even though there are differences with those two versions, I’ve been researching the Luke Hero version I have, and even with that model there are a whole bunch of inconsistent images.  The switches particularly are varied and so is the belt hook at the base of the hilt.  Mine has a crappy round ‘d-ring’ that the guy who sold it to me was up front about. It looks pretty dodgy and I’ll replace it as soon as I’m able.   Luke’s Hero version though, has a triangular clip, and the stunt version seems to have a round D shaped clip.   If I ‘settle’ for a clip that will work ok, I can easily get a D ring. I’ve found a pretty good one on a dog chain in the supermarket that I can probably hook on to the hilt.  I kind of want a proper triangular one though, and that seems to be hard to find.

I’m also disappointed mine doesn’t have any proper switches too.  The guy who made it just has a kind of flat black panel, and the proper one has two rectangular buttons, I guess to turn it on and off.  I have to look around and see if I can find the perfect little black buttons.  I don’t care if they do anything, I just want it to look right.

Paying as little as I did, I can’t be too fussy, but I want it to look as good as I can get it.  The thing that really annoys me is that after I bought the Luke RotJ from Ebay, a guy from the Replica Prop Forum contacted me after a delay in which I thought he’d forgotten about me, offering me a brilliant Darth Vader replica from $160.  I can’t really justify buying two lightsabres.

…for now, at least.




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