Twitter Adds List Feature

31 10 2009



Twitter Logo

The popular social networking site, Twitter, has added a new feature recently- the ability to create custom lists of people you follow in order to make sorting through your tweets much easier.  The lists allow users to sort their contacts into various categories, for example, if you’re a member of a certain club or organisation, you could make a list an add only the relevent people.  By clicking the list displayed to the right of the standard twitter page, you can show only tweets by members of that group.


Another benefit of the list feature is that other people can simply ‘follow’ a pre-existing list, and automatically receive tweets from its members.

Twitter’s popularity is partly due to the amount of celebrities and media identities who use the service.  Users can add the celebrity to receive updates and behind-the-scenes information directly from the source.  I follow several myself, and have made a list consisting of my ‘real friends’ so that with one click, I can sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

To create a custom list, click the “New List” option from the menu at the right side of the Twitter screen, and name your list.  You can elect to make the list public or private, and then go to your “Following” page.

Adding individuals to your lists is simply a matter of hitting the list button (below) and choosing which list to add them to.  It’s a little tedious, but perhaps there will be faster ways put forward soon.

Twitter List Button

To delete a list, hover over the list link on the right of the page, and a small right arrow will appear.  Click the arrow and you’ll see the list, and at the top right of the screen will be the options to edit or delete the list.

Lists are especially beneficial for people who, unlike me, have a lot of followers.




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