How To Make A Destination Truth Episode

31 10 2009

Destination Truth is a show about the unknown mysteries of the world, where host Josh Gates travels the planet trying to find the truth about creatures such as Yetis, Ghosts, Werewolves and the like.  Gates and his small team follow-up on stories from such places as Thailand, Egypt, South America and the like.  Currently in its third season, the show is fun and interesting, and Gates’ personality and humour make it a decent show to watch.  Unfortunately it’s entirely predictable.

It goes a little something like this-

  • Gates explains reports of some strange creature from an exotic part of the world.
  • The crew travel to the location via aircraft, arriving at a tiny, shitty airport.
  • Gates remarks about how shit the place is, and they get some really poor transport to travel to the location.
  • Go shopping, and make faces at the unusual stuff for sale.
  • Eat some unusual food.
  • Talk to a local important identity about the creature.
  • Travel to location, break down on the way.
  • Talk to locals who tell Gates he’s going to die.  Make a joke they don’t understand, that falls flat.
  • Head out at night, filming with green cameras, find nothing but hear a lot of strange sounds.  Find some bones or sample for later examination.
  • Give up and start to head back, then suddenly see some distant light or shadow.
  • Look around and find nothing, so you go back to the U.S.
  • Talk to scientists and find out bones belong to a pig, dog or last night’s KFC.
  • Explain that while you didn’t actually find anything, make the viewer feel better by saying there could still be something there.

I’m making fun of it of course, and I do like watching the show, but it can be a little predictable.  If you want to get into watching Destination Truth and haven’t seen it, check out the first two episode of Season Three, Island of the Dolls and Haunted Forest. In my opinion, those are the best ones.  Like I said, they’re all pretty good, but a little bit formulaic.   Gates is the star of the show though.  He’s pretty damn charismatic.

Destination Truth

Destination Truth with Josh Gates




One response

31 10 2009

Ahh I knew you would like it!
I totally agree with the eps you said. they are easily the best so far.
If you can get over the fact that Josh sounds a little like Kermit the frog at times he is pretty damn awesome.

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