Star Wars Pumpkin Carving

29 10 2009

That's no moon. It's a ...pumpkin?!

We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Australia.  A few people do, but it’s not really a very common thing and only a few parties.  It’s a shame really because it seems to be one of the most fun holidays and one that you can really nerd-up and get into.  It also doesn’t have the whole religious aspect of Christmas or Easter, which is a bonus.  It’s all about the costumes and the scares.  I realise there’s the whole pagan thing going on, but that’s not what Halloween is really about. It’s about costumes and scares!

One of the things I think I’d personally go for, rather than the costume side of things, is the pumpkin carving.  I’d love all that ‘negative space’ thinking and would love to give it a good try one of these days.  I suppose I could get one just to try it out, but that’s not really the point.

The fine people at TopTenz have produced a list of Star Wars Pumpkin carving, all of which are absolutely brilliant.

See the rest of the carvings at TopTenz.




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