The Dead of Malton

27 10 2009

Urban Dead Logo

Urban Dead is a web game that has been around for a few years now.  It’s a zombie survival game set in the city of Malton, which is presented as a 100×100 city blocks.  Malton has all the things you generally find in cities, like taverns, hospitals and police stations.  Because it’s a zombie horror, you also need several malls.

The game involves creating a character, picking a class and setting forth into the city where you can enter the various types of buildings to scrounge for survival materials.  Depending on the type of building,  the loot will vary.  For example, first aid kits are found in hospitals, whereas guns and ammunition are more likely to be found in one of the various police departments.  There are also mundane items such as newspapers, bottles of booze and ornaments from museums you can use to decorate your base of operations.

Action points control the game and each player starts out with 50 points that slowly regenerate over time.  Action points are used to move from location to location, build barricades, scrounge or fight.  In essence every action requires an action point.  Once they’re used up, you’re forced to sleep until the points build up again.

Roaming the streets are the player controlled zombie hordes.  Once a player is killed (or chooses to start play as a zombie), they roam the streets looking for lunch.  As a zombie you can break down barricades and gain various skills over time, such as better durability and better bite or claw attacks.

Unfortunately you also have to watch out for other players, as there is nothing to stop a regular human from attacking and killing another human for whatever reason.  People can chat in the game and have set up guilds and websites to collaborate attacks and better survive.  The zombies also team up, creating vast hordes which roam the map destroying everything in their wake.

It’s all text-based, and you have to log in regularly to stay alive, but all is not lost.  Handy labs run by a company called Necrotech provide ‘revivification syringes’ which can return a zombie player to life when used.  It’s not uncommon to play as both during your Urban Dead career.  If you’re into zombies, and want something fun to do on the net when you’re passing time, then Urban Dead is worth checking out.

If you decide to stop by, come and find Jannix Quinn, currently resident of Hoyle Place Railway Station, Lockettside.




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