Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness

26 10 2009
James Rolfe

James Rolfe

James Rolfe from Cinemassacre and Angry Video Game Nerd is part way through his annual horror movie review.  Every Halloween he sets out to review a movie every day for the 31 days.  His reviews are always interesting and he often comes up with bizarre films that are generally well worth checking out.  Last year he did a Godzilla-thon, reviewing each and every Godzilla movie in order.  The man’s a trooper.

In his AVGN persona, James reviews video games from the early days, on systems like the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.  His gig is to not review just games, but the worst games possible.  The AVGN character has some fairly extreme anger issues which the games certainly seem to exacerbate.  A strong language warning is advised, but if you’re into the video games, then AVGN is a must-see.

Anyway, if horror films interest you, head over to and check it out.




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