The Computer

25 10 2009

It’s time for a new PC.  This one, Jennifer, is getting past her use-by date and she’s getting a few problems that would be expensive to fix.  Something hard to track down is wrong with either the RAM or the Video card, and by the time I spent all the money finding out what it is and replacing it, I’d be out more than a $1000 anyway.   I’ve been looking to update for a while now and I’ve decided to go with Scorptec Computers in Melbourne.  They’re a little more expensive than most places, but they apparently have top-notch service.  Waiting for Windows 7 was also a part of the delay in purchasing a new system.  Upgrading is dirty and a pain in the arse, so I wanted to install clean.  I have all the parts picked out.  I just have to press ‘Add to Cart’.  Naturally, on the day I finally decided on the components, the postman delivered my car insurance.

CPU Intel – BX80601950

Motherboard Gigabyte – GA-EX58-EXTREME

Memory Corsair Micro – HX3X12G1600C9

Video Card XFX – HD-587A-ZNF9

Hard Disk Corsair Micro – CMFSSD-128GBG2D

Optical Drive LG – CH08LS10

Sound Card Creative – SB0820-XFI-XAUD

Case Cooler Master – RC-932-KKN1

3x Hard Disks Western Digital – WD10EADS

Power Supply Thermaltake – W0171

Memory Card Reader Apacer – APAE100B

Cooler #1 Thermalright – ULTRA-120EX-RevC


Expensive, but top-notch.  My budget was $5000 and so with shipping I’ll be a touch over.  I don’t care though, she’s going to fly.  I haven’t decided on a name for her yet.  I’ll have to meet her face-to-face first, but I’m already in love.




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30 10 2009
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[…] spoke about it in a recent post, and I ordered the new computer.  I was pretty much geared up to go on the 22nd, when Windows 7 […]

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