Wall-E & Simpsons Pez™ USB Mods

25 10 2009

I was visiting the Instructables web site, which is a treasure trove of user-made guides to making all sorts of wacky crap. I’d been hankering to get a little creative and a custom USB was just what I felt like doing. I’d already made a Wall-E custom and having spotted some Simpsons Pez™ dispensers in the local supermarket I decided to pick them up and have a go. I needed a few USBs and found the ideal sort at JB Hi-Fi. They sell a brand called Soniq which are tiny and durable. I also purchased a cheap hot-glue gun and set to work.

Wall-E USB

Wall-E USB

Simpsons Pez USB

Simpsons Pez USB

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, especially Wall-E as he was totally my idea. The Pez™ ones are OK but the back is a bit messy due to the way the dispenser is made. I sold a couple of them already but it’s a limited market as Pez™ characters have a limited run and can be hard to get.  Wall-E was done with a $4.95 toy from Big W, and took ages to carve out a perfect slot in the front.  It was after that I decided to buy some more useful tools.  I have another two Wall-E’s that I’ll carve up and convert one day soon.  I might sell them some place but haven’t decided yet.




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