Modding – Warhammer 40K for Fallout 3

25 10 2009

One of my current projects is working on a set of modifications to the game Fallout 3. Some time ago, a fellow named cerberos008 released a series of armour pieces from the Warhammer 40,000 universe by Games Workshop. These were massively popular, though cerberos008 didn’t make any weapon mods to go with the release.

Soon there were some bolt guns and a few other things, but nothing major. So, I went into milkshape and began to tinker around making a slew of weapons and items to complement his armour sets.

I grew a little burned out and work was heavy by then, so I had a bit of a break, but came back and released my mod at Fallout 3 Nexus. So far it’s proven popular enough, and so I’m going to add a few more bits and pieces until I run out of ideas or get burned out again.

New Bolter Texture

Heavy Bolter

The new addition will include a Heavy Bolter which people have been demanding and maybe a power fist. I’ve also updated the meshes (the models) and textures of some of the weapons released by others so that they’re cleaner and match more with the armour sets.

I’ll keep you posted with the changes.




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