Lego Star Wars

25 10 2009
Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars

If someone had told me a few years ago that Lego and Star Wars were releasing a game, I’d have called them an idiot.  Well, they did and the game is 100% awesome.  I’m a full-grown (well, more than full) adult and this game is the most addictive and fun game I’ve ever played.  It takes the story of Star Wars and adds the fun and charm of the cartoonish Lego characters and makes something new and fabulous.  The game is intersected with cut scenes which show the heroes in various scenes from the movies, but with no voice acting other than the odd grunt or groan.  The way they act is hilarious though.

In the game you are tasked with collecting various colours of studs, or tiny round Lego pieces.  The studs explode from the objects you destroy and with enough studs you can buy unlocks at the cantina in Mos Eisley.  You can unlock characters from the movie, better weapons, movie clips or just some fun and amusing effects like silly moustaches.

There have been two releases of Lego Star Wars, the first covering the prequel films and the second covering the original trilogy. The latest version of the game is the Complete Saga, which combines the two previously released games into one game and adds some extra content to boot.  Lego has also teamed with other franchines to release Batman, Rock Band and Indiana Jones.  Soon, there will be a sequel to the Indiana Jones game which includes a map editor for the first time.

The games look like they’re for kids, but there’s plenty there to get you addicted to finding those little silver and gold studs.  One thing’s for sure, when Indiana Jones II comes out, I’ll be getting it.




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