Star Wars the Force Awakens – Guesses at Plot

22 10 2015

Ok here’s my plot synopsis based on the trailers:

The Force Awakens starts with the introduction of the First Order, and they are at the huge base seen in the trailer. The base is a planet and built into the planet is a huge gun, powered by the planet core or something.

The bad guys have captured Poe Dameron and are brainwashing him.

Finn is a legit stormtrooper but learns about the planet gun and sees Poe getting tortured and so he decides to pinch a tie fighter and run away. He probably steals the lightsabre at this point, from Kylo Ren’s artefact collection.

He gets shot down, probably by Phasma, and lands on the planet and sends a distress call to the rebels, or whatever they are called now.

Poster Art

Poster Art

Meanwhile Rey and Bb8 are out scavenging the Star Destroyer. She goes to the village to sell her crap.

Finn turns up, but is followed by Phasma and the troopers, who shoot the shit out of everything. Rey helps Finn escape but they are about done for when the Falcon shows up and Han and Chewie rescue them.

They have some battles and they piss off into space.

I think something bad happens to Chewie around this time.

Finn or Rey know about the Falcon and you get the whole ‘it’s true’ speech from Han, ironically during Hyperspace on the falcon, same as in the original, but this time the Skeptic is the believer.

They all fly to the secret Rebel base.

Finn sees Dameron and recognises him, but isn’t sure.

Finn, Rey and Han go see Leia, who is basically queen/general.

Finn defects and tells them about the planet weapon and about Kylo Ren. He shows them the lightsabre and gets to keep it. Leia doesn’t want it, because Luke has abandoned them/is missing and she doesn’t really like the Jedi much. She still misses Luke, as does Han.

R2D2 disappears.

Having found out about the planet weapon, the Rebels launch into an attack, but ITS AN AKBAR!

Poe Dameron has given away the Rebels plans, due to being brainwashed at the beginning.

Battles ensue with Kylo relentlessly pursing Finn to get back what was stolen. Finn gets into a lightsabre fight but gets his arse kicked. Just as he’s about to be killed, Luke SKYWALKER shows up, having been told about Finn by R2D2, the only one he trusted with his location.

Luke battles Ren and kicks his arse, forcing Ren to retreat. The rebels barely escape having suffered heavy losses.



My First Skyrim Mod

4 12 2011

The new game in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, has been a fabulous success since it’s release a few weeks ago. A true RPG, it is set in the frozen world of Skyrim, home of the Nords. You play as a person who is ‘Dragon Born’ with the ability to generate a range of magical shouts, in an effort to thwart the return of the deadly dragons.

This isn’t a review, as there are a bunch of those on the internet better than I can create. I just wanted to share with you my first game mod for Skyrim. If you’re unfamiliar with mods, or a (HA!) CONSOLE player, then let me explain.

Many PC games have the ability to be modified in various ways. Talented people (and sometimes the game companies themselves) come up with various bits of software which allow a person to extract and modify the game’s files. From simple texture replacers to full blown new worlds and quest lines, mods allow the game to live on well after the original stories have been told.

Personally, I like mods of two categories. First I like fun mods. Importing bits and pieces from other worlds and environments to give myself a bit of a laugh, and just because I can do it. Secondly I like adding things to the world that make my characters life easier. Often in games you have an inventory of items, which you collect over time. You have a weight limit usually, or a ‘slot’ limit, but you can carry items which don’t show on your character’s body at all. You can steal a giant golden urn and it fits in your back pocket… or somewhere. So, I enjoy making things like backpacks to put my stuff in. It just seems more natural to me that way.

Anyway, the first bit of tinkering I’ve done for Skyrim is in the fun category, and it adds in a shield styled after Captain America’s famous red, white and blue shield.

Not a great deal can be done with modding yet, until the creators release some software to allow adding in of additional items. From what I’ve (briefly) read it should be coming some time in January.

Captain America's Shield for Skyrim

ALDI Gingerbread Man…Persons.

4 12 2011

This morning I went to ALDI supermarket for the monthly shop, and one of the things I found was a pre-made Gingerbread Man in a packet with the decorations.  I love good gingerbread and I have made it a tradition for the last few years to get some for Christmas.

The last two years I made it, but it is a lot of stuffing around for someone who doesn’t cook much and the chance to buy a pre-made one was too good to pass up.

It came in a box about fifteen inches long and cost around ten bucks.   Yes, it was a bit expensive, but it’s Christmas.   I thought the actual gingerbread man would be one of those small ones you see in supermarkets on occasion, but it wasn’t.  It turned out to be a good eight or nine inches long.   Plus, there’s two in the box.   Worth it!  Also in the box are a piping bag filled with icing, sprinkles and M&M’s for buttons or eyes.  You get plenty of each.

Gingerbread Box

ALDI Gingerbread Man

I haven’t eaten it yet, so I’m not sure on the strength of the ginger and the density of the biscuit, but I’ll let you know when I’ve eaten him.


Jar Key – Best Jar Opener

26 11 2011

This is a bit of a weird one for me, but I have to tell you about this gizmo in case you haven’t heard of it before.  It’s a jar opener called a Jar Key.   This is going to sound like an advertisement.  I  am not affiliated with these people in any way.  Although, if they want to send me free stuff, they are more than welcome to do so!

If you’ve ever struggled to open a metal lid jar and tried all the old methods like banging it or running it under hot water, get this tool.  It has little legs that slip under the lid of the jar and up pry it up.  It pops the top and with NO effort allows you to open the lid.   When I first used it I thought it woudl be a gimmick, but it’s seriously awesome.

Being a guy and large etc, I can open most jars pretty easily, but every now and then you get some that stick pretty well.  When they do I use this tool.

If you want to get a great present for Christmas for a mum, especially an elderly woman, you seriously can’t go wrong.

You can get a variety of colours and they are readily available on E-Bay and probably stores like Big W and similar.


Thank me later!

Jar Key

Sticky Situation

12 11 2011

Early this morning I had to go and run some errands, and so I came out to the car and opened the gates, and when I unlocked the door, I noticed a stick had fallen from a nearby tree and got stuck between the front wheel and wheel arch of the car. That’s not unusual because it’s been pretty windy here lately.

So, I picked it off and almost let loose a torrent of unspeakables from my rear side as it clutched onto my finger.

I am pretty sure I didn’t scream and flail about like a little girl, but as there were no witnesses and I wasn’t paying that much attention, anything is possible.

Flinging the stick insect away, I slowly composed myself and checked to see my heart was still in it’s correct place.

Returning to my normal state of composure, I went to investigate the stick as he no doubt tried to settle himself down as well.

This was him.

Frightening Stick - Click Pic to Enlarge


29 10 2011

Hey guys, if you use one of my badges for Halloween, leave a message or post a pic of your costume! I’d love to see them. Thanks!

The Office- Throwing A Garden Party

14 10 2011

I made up a copy of Jim’s fake book from the Office Episode ‘Garden Party’.  Feel free to print it off and keep it with your Dundee Certificate.  Just don’t sell it.

Garden Party